The Garden Coach - About Us
The Garden Coach - "Making the world a better place, one yard at a time."
Our Practices:

Beauty & Sustainability -  We all enjoy looking at and wandering through beautiful landscapes.  The Garden Coach is committed to helping you create an outdoor environment as sustainable as possible.  Our gardening philosophy is to create beautiful landscapes while peacefully coexisting with nature.  Therefore, we will guide you to save energy which in turn will save you money.

Design - The first step to having a successful garden is a good design. Proper design incorporating sustainable plant material is our only option.  Our designs consider individual micro-climates in your yard including soil, sun exposure, wind, and slope.  The Garden Coach can help you choose which plants will work where, or perhaps help you find a happier place for ones that need relocating. 

Soil - The next step to a successful garden is creating fertile soil. We will help you properly prepare a bed so the plants will be happy for years to come. We can also help get you started on creating and harvesting your own compost!

Plants - The Garden Coach is committed to beautiful landscaping while trying to tread lightly.  We  believe in supporting local businesses and communities as this is a key in sustainability. We choose plants that will be more likely to thrive and require less maintenance down the road.  In the  Greater Cincinnati area this means selecting drought tolerant and deer resistant plants, as well as choosing native species coupled with tried-and-true ornamental plants.
Water - Water conservation is becoming more and more important.  Recharging our natural waterways is a key component to encouraging a healthy environment. We can show you how to create a rain garden and encourage the use of rain barrels. Both of these can save you money and make our environment a little cleaner.  Rain water is far better for your plants than the water that comes from the tap anyhow!

Maintenance - Properly maintaining your investment is a final and very important step.  We will share with you how to keep your yard looking its very best while being as environmentally minded as possible.

About The Owner:

Kris Barton is the sole proprietor of The Garden Coach.  She is an accredited landscape designer holding two horticulture degrees, Sustainable Horticulture and Landscape Horticulture.  She continues to attend horticultural training sessions and is an active volunteer in her local community.

Services The Garden Coach Provides:

  • Garden Design and Consultation specializing in: sustainability, deer resistance, edible landscaping, vegetable gardens, organic gardening, native plants, rain gardens, and traditional ornamental landscaping
  • Environmentally friendly landscape practices & suggestions
  • Landscape installation, maintenance & management
  • Bed preparation and material delivery (for the D-I-Yer's)
  • Knowledgeable plant suggestions (filling that ‘hole’)
  • Identification of current plants and care instruction
  • On site demonstration and training sessions (planting, pruning, mulching, etc.)
  • Personalized seasonal to-do list
  • Annual bed & container arrangements
  • Get your property ready for selling (curb appeal)
  • Outdoor parties (containers, annuals, etc)
  • Vacation service (watering, weeding-keeping it going while you’re gone!)
  • Gardening presentations available for your garden club,or community event

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